Friday, May 13, 2011

Filming cheap in LA

Filming on the dime in LA is tricky because everyone is so film savvy. It's often hard to find anyone who is willing to just be cool to a small, no budget indie project. We have been looking at two different locations in State Parks (which are a great resource, if they state government doesn't shut them all down). One closer to town would let us film there IF we hire a water truck for dust abatement and provide our own porta-johns (even though there are permanent bathrooms nearby), and if we shuttle everyone in. We went about twenty minutes further out of town however, and found another park that (so far) has not required any additional costs, and is willing to work with us to keep costs down. When someone has their own Film Office to handle permit requests, you can pretty much bet they won't be particularly friendly to no-budgets.

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  1. UPDATE: This location, The Angeles National Forest, did cost us over $1000 in fees etc, but still was a lot less than what it would cost to film in the State Parks. The film permits were handled by FilmLA so it was easy.